REVIEW: A look at two subscription boxes for kids

By: Tracy DeLatte, mom to Daniel, Claire & Thomas

Earlier this month I was talking to a few other MOMs about summer activities and how hard it is to sign your kids up for camps when you work outside the home. Most camps are only half day and the ones that are full day cost an arm and a leg. One alternative I opted for to give my kids fun activities during the summer is mail-order boxes. My kids got 3 month subscriptions for the summer as a birthday gift. Here’s a review of the ones we picked.

Tinker Crate by Kiwi Crate – $60 for 3 mo., ages 9+ but my son is 7. This one let’s them physically construct a working item. The site shows a catapult or lava lap. This month we got a fiber optic constellation display. My son thinks it’s really cool that he got to wire the light and design 2 displays (he picked Orion and the next will be a custom drawing). But it really only took a few days to finish. There are a few experiment ideas in the box too but he is less interested in them. I’ll still get him to work on them later to take full advantage of the box.

Ivy Kids – $110 for 3 mo. or $120 when you choose the 2 kid option. I picked this one for my 4-year-old twins to share. I really like this box. It’s supposed to be for ages 3-8. It’s perfect for 4 and my 7-year-old is a little jealous. Each box comes has a theme and comes with a themed story book and about 10 projects. This month we got Adventures Down Under and it came with stuffed koalas, an inflatable globe, decorate your own kangaroo pouches, animal mini figures, 3 games, coloring pages, a kangaroo craft and boomerangs to decorate. We’ll be working on this box for days and we can play the games over and over again. Plus they’ve been sleeping with the koalas. It’s a more expensive box but worth it for 2 in my opinion.

If you like the box idea there are now lots of options for kids depending on their interests — everything from fashion design to Lego construction. Here are some sites that compare the different options.

What boxes have you tried? Leave your review in the comments below.

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